As always, we see our clients as partners. We celebrate your successes and want to feel like we had a very small part in your wins and helped you quickly recover from those challenging times. We are believing with you that 2019 is your best year ever!

Let’s Start 2019 Off Securely

Not too long ago we got a call about a possible virus infection at a very new client that hadn’t yet signed on to contracted services with us so their systems were largely unprotected from the dangers of a virus. (They believed they were secure.)

After some investigation, we found that a virus had, in fact, infected their entire network. It took nearly 2 weeks and thousands of dollars to remove the virus.

You Lock Your Car, Right?

The Internet is like the physical world. There are plenty of safe places but also plenty of people looking to create harm and destruction. If you don’t protect yourself, you will be a victim…maybe not today but eventually. If you don’t lock your car, eventually, your time will come.

A Scary Exercise

There’s a good chance that this will blow your mind but go to this site and see if your personal data is being passed around underground hacker communities. If the site flags your e-mail, change your passwords TODAY!

How To Protect Yourself

1.) Strong Passwords- It’s a familiar warning but most people don’t have strong passwords. Strong passwords have seemingly random letters and numbers although some people create random patterns in a way that they can personally remember.

Not sure how to remember these passwords? You don’t have to. Use Dashlaneto manage all passwords. Make your employees use strong passwords too. If you hear of a security breach at a company you have done business with, change your passwords the day you hear about it. You can find news about breaches here.

2.) Change Your Passwords- Every 6 months, change your passwords. (Or at least once per year.) Dashlane has tools to make it easy. Ask us how to enforce these rules on employee computers.

3.) Virus/Malware Protection- Every device connected to your company network needs antivirus/malware protection installed on their computer. The most cost effective way is through your IT provider. They have better tools available to them and can monitor your entire system at a lower price than individual licenses.

4.) Network Level Protection- Businesses need a UTM that catches and blocks most threats. Click here to learn more about UTMs. You’ll need the help of an expert to properly configure a UTM.

5.) Other Network Configurations- In the above example, the client’s network wasn’t properly configured. We found a number of vulnerabilities when we audited the business. Proper network security requires an expert.

The Strategy of Defense

Protecting against cyber threats is complicated and potentially expensive. As we’ve read about large-scale security instances at some of the largest companies and government agencies in the world (The Pentagon, Target, Facebook), it’s clear that no solution can provide 100% protection.

You have to weigh the costs and ask yourself, “how much protection is enough protection based on the size of my business and its reliance on its IT infrastructure.”

We’re happy to schedule some time to talk about this with you and help you put a plan together.

Here’s to an amazing cyber-secure 2019!


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