Did you know that there’s a version of marching band that happens in the winter months? It’s called winter guard, percussion and winds. You can find thousands of groups around the world and most exist to perform in competitive events.

Regional governing bodies organize these groups into circuits but managing their schedules, payments, organizing competitions, and managing judges from around the world are still done in archaic ways.

Skedul automates much of the management duties of circuits. As of now, it’s built as a WordPress plugin but we will soon transform this into a Laravel app. It’s build on the Pages UI and uses numerous APIs including Square, DarkSky, Google Maps, Twilio, and more. We’re using this project to try out AWS’ new Lightsail platform. You can pay as little as $10 per month to have all of the quality that comes with AWS.

One of our favorite features is automatic text notifications when severe weather is within 10 miles of a competition site. Often, groups will be outside assembling equipment or warming up. Alerting staff of lightning in the area of an impending downpour is not only a safety issues but it could damage equipment costing 1os of thousands of dollars.

To do this, we use the Darksky API along with Twilio to send the text messages.