Relate is an organization that provides coaching to churches around the world. They came to us asking for a CRM.

There are plenty of CRMS already on the market but they’re expensive and do far more than what this organization wanted. They also wanted the CRM automatically populated with participants from their national events.

We built the CRM on an Amazon EC2, S3, and Cloudflare instance. We’re using Laravel as the framework and the Pages UI for the frontend.

They were using Eventbrite for ticking but the fees are high. Because they’re using WordPress, we needed to find an events plugin that allowed for ticketing in a customized way. We’re using EventEspresso although modifying it to fit their needs and using it with a wholesale payment processor that will save them a significant amount of money on fees.

Using APIs from EventEspresso and Wufoo (their existing forms system) we’re able to populate the CRM with next to no manual entry. We’ll be able to keep profiles updated using a combination of push notifications and e-mail while using social integration to retarget and keep the right people informed about events that are specific to their profile.