Core Motivations

Many of our projects are done in a short amount of time. Others, like Core Motivations, are multi-year projects that continue to grow as the customer base grows.

Churches rise and fall on their volunteer base. The more volunteers, the more a church grows but in an increasingly busy world, getting people to volunteer is a difficult task.

Core Motivations uses a proprietary personality test to figure out the volunteer areas a person is most likely to enjoy. On the backend, the church has access to a database that allows them to build advanced searches based on a large number of customer demographics. If the church is looking for a 20-something single female living in a certain area with a specific personality type, the system creates a list of those people.

The platform sits on an AWS EC2 C4 and S3 instance. It uses AWS SES, SNS, RDS, and Cognito. It’s built on Laravel and uses Twilio, Stripe, emailhippo, and numerous other APIs along with WordPress for the marketing and support pages to make it easy for non-technical people to update content. We’ve even built custom integrations with Wufoo and other apps.