Bayside Community Church

Bayside Community Church is a multi-campus church of about 9,000 people weekly. They know that their website is the first point of contact for potential visitors so it has to be fast, concise, and paint the picture of what they’ll experience when they walk through the doors for the very first time.

We love collaboration. Bayside has a super talented creative department that produced all text and images for the website and trusted us to produce some custom programming to make it all work.

Their website is built on 3 WordPress installs. We stripped out a lot of the bloat that comes with some WordPress libraries and wrote or altered a series of custom plugins to display events, organize sermons, and more. We even created a custom contact us form to cut down on the spam they were experiencing. We just added Amazon Glacier for archival storage of past messages and will soon begin upgrading to some of the lesser known AWS products like Elastic Load Balancing to solve some issues that come with weekend traffic.

The church also has a series of smaller websites for various brands and events. We built those to to work with the main site as well as use APIs from Wufoo, Mailchimp, twilio, and others.

Getting people to church is a tough sell in a busy world so we use integrations with Wufoo, Mailchimp, and a few others to create sophisticated e-mail funnels and retargeting strategies to keep the church in front of its attendees during the week.