Software/App Development

Can you think of anything in your business that’s inefficient? Maybe you pay somebody to do data entry that could be automatic or you enter the same information into multiple platforms because they don’t talk to each other. One study found that 80% of business leaders identified this as a problem.

Further, manual entry in multiple places is a recipe for errors. IBM did a study and found that bad data costs business $3.1 Trillion annually. A portion of that total is from your business if your processes are largely manual.

Our INVENT division can fix this, and many other tech problems that cost you thousands of dollars each year. We’ll pay for ourselves in no time.

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Web Design

Looking for a website that looks like everybody else’s? We’re not your company. Looking for a website that looks great, works well under the hood, and does some of the heavy lifting for your business? Let’s INVENT together.


An API is computer code that allows multiple programs to talk and share information. Writing an APIs is relatively inexpensive but streamlines business processes.

Custom Solutions

Looking for a web app that does something specific? Maybe it’s a specialized CRM, a program that collects and analyzes data, or a texting platform. Nothing is too big or complicated.

Communications Development

Take a look at how much the ready-made texting platforms charge to communicate with your customers and you’ll understand why clients hire us to build their texting and call center solutions.

Repair & Maintenance

Website broken? We can fix it. Need somebody to manage the content and keep it fresh? We can do that too.


If your site looking a little dated? If your site hasn’t been updated in a few years, it’s definitely time.

Speed Optimization

Did you know that Google measures the speed of your site as a ranking factor? If it’s running slow, we can speed it up.

Web Hosting

Let’s get your website on the same platform as Netflix–Amazon Web Services. If Netflix can run on AWS, your website will be in good hands with them too. And it’s not expensive.



Our INVENT division will add efficiency to your business in a way that makes your investment pay for itself. Our custom apps have saved businesses from having to hire extra employees–and you know how much employees cost. Whether it’s your website, a new app, or streamlining a process, let’s talk.