One of the first things we do when meeting with a new client is ask for a copy of their bill because often, (almost always) we find ways to save the business money. Not just a little…A LOT! These 3 clients from the past 2 months really stand out:

  • Client A- $824 monthly savings
  • Client B- $412 monthly savings
  • Client C- $1,132 monthly savings

Seem a little unreal? 3 client behaviors contribute to overpaying:

  1. They don’t shop. Once per year, call other providers and ask for a meeting. What kinds of specials are they offering? What’s the newest technology available? Ask them to explain each line item of your bill and why you’re paying it.
  2. They have phones. Each of the 3 clients above were paying too much for their phone service. Phone service is less expensive and often a better product when you get away from the big companies. Add up all of your phone charges and divide by the number of phones. If you’re paying more than about $30, you’re paying too much.
  3. Too Much Internet. Very few businesses need more than 75/75 Internet speeds. They also don’t need dedicated fiber or a second internet line.

Action Steps


  1. Don’t sign multi-year contracts. Technology is changing too fast.
  2. Don’t fall for the “dedicated fiber is faster” line. There are advantages but the ROI for most small and medium sized businesses isn’t there.
  3. Let an expert look at your bill. E-mail me your last bill and I’ll look at it and make recommendations. No charge. I’m happy to help.

Wrap Up

I know next to nothing about cars. When I’m buying a car or approving repairs, I know an expert I can call for help. You need an expert for your IT expenses. Always get a second opinion.

Take care…