Great people teaming up

The Web Group was founded in 2018 when Ryan and Tim, 2 friends and each IT business owners, came together to purchase another local IT company. All 3 businesses were combined under 1 (virtual) roof to form The Web Group, or as it’s sometimes called, TWG.

We wanted “group” in our name because collaboration is important to us. We don’t compete against other IT companies. We learn and collaborate with them. We’re experts in most commercial IT disciplines but when a client needs specialty cybersecurity services, we have a partner company for that. When a business needs miles of cable ran, we call upon a cabling company to help. (Because attics in Florida are HOT!)

You’re like family

We (Ryan and Tim) became friends while servicing the non-profit sector, often for free. Giving isn’t something we do, it’s simply who we are. TWG was founded and still operates with a core value of giving back. We don’t have “customers” or “clients”; we have friends and that’s how we treat anybody who trusts us to be their IT company.

We make no apologies about being a “small” business. Small allows us to truly know the people we service. But don’t let “small” fool you. We service some BIG businesses.


We believe that when we concentrate on being experts in a few areas and avoid the urge to be generalists, we serve our customers better. That’s why we focus on the 3 areas below. Click each image to learn more.


Web & App Development


Construction & Renovation


On & Off Site IT Support




We’re located in the Sarasota and Bradenton area on the west coast of Florida.

Much of our business is in the Sarasota and Bradenton areas but our INVENT (application development) side is all over the world. Our BUILD (Construction) side reaches into surrounding states, and our MAINTAIN (on-site IT management) division services the west coast of Florida.

The Web Group is a marriage of a hardware and software business that happened in 2018. The companies that combined to form The Web Group have decades of experience including businesses with a large amount of buildings and hundreds of employees.

We’re completely insured. Ask to see our policy

Yes, we offer after-hours repairs. If you’re a current customer, our monitoring takes place 24/7 and we’ll likely fix the issue before you come back to work the next day. If you’re not, call us. We’re here to help.

Unfortunately, we do not

Giving back is one of our core values. If you’re a 501(c)(3), ask about special discounts. We want to help you make the world a better place.

We’re both. We’re not so “corporate” that we only take clients on a monthly plan. We service a lot of our customers using an a la carte model but we highly suggest a maintenance plan. Often a monthly plan is more cost effective but our goal is to meet customers where they are–not push them into something they may not need.

Bottom Line: If you use us as-needed, you’ll pay more.

Trust is earned over time. You can’t and shouldn’t trust us when we first meet. Our quotes are completely itemized for transparency and we’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement before handling any of your sensitive data.

Our pricing is completely transparent. Click here to see the estimated costs of our maintenance plans. Posting contract rates in the public view isn’t something you see very often. We do it because we want all of our relationships to start from a place of trust.

We aren’t a nickel and dime company. We don’t charge an hour of labor for a 5 minute fix. However, our employees are supporting families, saving for retirement, and doing life. We take our commitment to them very seriously which is why we don’t strive to be the cheapest but we’re far from the most expensive. Click here to view our contract rates.

We can service most IT equipment makes and models and we install various brands to match what are clients use. If you let us decide, we like Ubiquiti networking equipment, Mac computers, (although we often recommend PCs) and we use Amazon Web Services for cloud computing and web hosting.

There are plenty more products we work with of various brands. The only rule we’re hard and fast on–we don’t install residential equipment in commercial and enterprise environments.

We have a fair amount of experience in digital and social media marketing. We help our clients with common best practices and we design websites based on the principles of good SEO practices but we don’t want to be a company that offers every service possible and does a mediocre job. For that reason we do not offer digital and social media marketing as a service.

Giving back is a core value of The Web Group. We support local non profits by offering discounts to 501(c)(3) organizations, a portion of our profits are donated to community organizations, and we’re active in charitable activities and our local church. Our President has 2 locally adopted children and is active in foster and adoptive advocacy and works hard to infuse this sense of charity into the company culture.

We don’t believe in badmouthing other companies. In fact, we partner with other IT companies frequently. We believe that as a professional community, we’ll service our customers better by uniting.

While we have plenty of clients that have basic needs, we specialize in services that other providers don’t offer–level III networking, specialized hardware and software solutions, fiber optic cable termination, and new construction to name a few.


Reach out and tell us what’s bugging you with your IT environment. We’ll schedule a time to come out and give you a quote and plenty of free advice.